Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes I am following you!

oK, so pretty much to write almost anything you need.......... CHARACTERS!
And although our minds can create some very amazing ones on their own, sometimes we need INSPIRATION! So if you wonder how to create a character... Or if your just board like me do this.......

1.GO to a public place, I went to the Gateway mall.
2.find someplace nice to sit,I was outside Ben and Jerry's :)
3.Observe people! for like a long time. Watch the people that pass by. What are they wearing, are they alone or with people. Are they on their phone? Do they walk fast or slow? Is there anything about them that stands out? It's amazing what you can find out about a person in the minute it takes them to walk past you if your looking.

I noticed the girl at Starbucks walk over to the phone store across from here store with three cookies in hand. She went in and gave them to the guy working the register. He SMILED really big and so did she. She paused a moment and then left back to her job. HOW CUTE IS THAT? they totally love each other!
and i found that out by just watching
It doesn't matter if the story .
you come to is real or not because it's now YOUR story

4. After you have sucessfully completed the OBSERVING task like REALLY well, you must take it one step farther. STALK SOMEBODY! YES you heard me, no not creepy,no not like weird. JUST pick somebody who is walking by, and casually follow them so they don't know. Stroll into the same store they stroll into, LOOK, Listen AND Imagine! BUT DON'T LET THEM KNOW! Give it five minutes and see what you can learn

here is mine
Her name is Jessica, she is short and small. Her feet are very small probably like a size five and a half. She has naturally brown hair that she dyes a popping shade of PINK. She is very stylish and has money to spend on clothes. Her jacket which was navy with red embellishments was from anthropology and was ADORABLE! She had a leather satchel and leather boots. Her two friends laughed and talked much more than she did, But she smiled more than they did. When it started pouring rain she smiled and enjoyed it, she didn't' rush inside like most other people do. She likes to follow trends. Her eyes are dark brown with gold around the edges.

ok ok i know what your saying... I sound really creepy! Well some of that i made up, some of it i observed. It's amazing what people will let you know about them without them even knowing your picking it all up. Plus look at what a character i have now! And all it took was five minutes and a little bit of harmless following. PLUS you feel like a spy! HA HA seriously you do!

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  1. I can be a witness of this madness, I was there :) I didn't find much out of the couple I followed: They didn't talk much, they took A LOT of pictures, they were trying to find a bathroom and were looking everywhere! My final observation: they didn't speak English ;) haha! My guess is they were Germans:)