Tuesday, March 27, 2012


you and I are just skin
mine is pale and white with a couple freckles here and there
skin stretched tightly over bones
but tell me darling how beautiful are your bones?
do our skulls not all look the same? ?
what could you know of me from my bones?
You wouldn't know how big my heart is
you wouldn't know my love of the moon
or the way the stars often seemed within reach
that I felt i could reach out with my fingers and grab them

so tell me darling was it lonely?
did your heart burn when the sun set? radiant reds and oranges?
the colors we both can see?
did you fall in love?
did you break your heart?
darling did you cry?

I can see your bones, i suppose they are beautiful
because they are like mine, but mine are still covered
with skin pale and white, now all you are is bones
I carry my bones with me,
you, You have left yours behind

Saturday, March 24, 2012

head vs heart

what do you do when your head and your heart are both screaming different things?
Do you listen to one and ignore the other?
How can you pick between what you want and what you need?
I'm left here hoping I didn't make the wrong choice
Knowing I didn't
Feeling I did

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

oh ocean!

I am 14 and a half hours away from the closest beach, That is sounding way too tempting right now!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Some nights I lay awake and dream of the sea
a lot of things I think belong to me
like a word, or the moon, or my favorite tree
but no, no, not the sea
I must confess the sea owns me
It pulls to me
It sings to me
It lures and taunts and flirts with me
oh come to me oh come to me
the siren songs of my far off sea
landlocked, dry ,and unhappy
so far away from my love the sea