Monday, January 31, 2011

the bread break- up

so i recently found out that i am really allergic to gluten. gluten is found in almost all grains. sooo for the past three month i have broken up with bread ( and doughnuts, cake,cereal, toast, waffles,noodles,onion rings, fried chicken, and pretty much everything that is yummy) let me just say it's been way harder than i could have ever imagined. at first i took it as a personal insult, like the whole world hated me. but it's getting easier and now I'm even to the point where Sometimes i think it's funny. so this is a comic of my break-up with bread. and trust me he isn't coming back!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

frozen beauty

i don't have to try hard not to see it
it's frozen over like the pond or lake
but once i open my eyes i can feel it
the beauty is all around
it's easier to see
when the weather is warm
when palm trees sway in the wind
but here in this frozen land
if i look it can't be escaped
it's in the geometric crystals
that cling to my windshield tight
the way the clouds play hide and seek with the mountains
letting in and out the light
it's in the holy silence of perfect falling snow
it's in the way tiny ghosts escape
from everyone mouth and nose
showing a tiny wintery bit
of our otherwise hidden soul

Thursday, January 20, 2011

this painting was my inspiration and is waterfront by nancy grisanti clark
the ship was the vessel of color. every hue, tone and shade held in it. but color had to escape. trapping the untrappable has consequences. something had to push or pull,then

a confusion and fusion of color and difference bust at every line. blue hues flowing, oranges and golds dripping, baiges and violets billowing. the godly ship sank but with very little sublimity. the mighty vessel put up a grand last fight. one to be remembered for ages to come. it didn't girggle softly into the sea, nor did it flame up into the heavens but smeared, splattered and speckled across both grand blues. it had been perhaps the most mighty amount ships. one that all others would pale in comparison to. but like everything on this wet and spacious sphere it would have to come to an end. that end was now. it wasn't a sweet end like the last word in a fairy tale book nor was it a lonely end like a silent forgotten death. it was a mighty end, like a sonic boom of color. the waves joined in the excitement and together they created a scene never replicated prior or since. passion and fury, love and frenzy fizzed. then it slowed and eventually stopped. the rhythmic waves tugged scraps and fragments to six of the seven seas. and the glory was never forgotten it is seen in every sunset, every blushing bay. you can see her royal sails in the sun at noon day. the legacy lingered on but the temporal could not remain.

i hold up a mirror

this poem is one i wrote for art
perhaps a bit cheesy but we all love a little cheese don't we?

sun you look down upon me with your dazzling rays. judging me to your imperial light. Then act supprized when i am left pitiful, wanting. was it not you who taught me to be so. did your beams not force me to the shadows? was it not you that burned me till i withdrew to my safety?
you look down judging me, i hold up a mirror.

Rain you fall from the heavens kissing my skin plop plop
you run your fineness through my hair till it's sopping, you slide down my cheeks and caress my chin. you fill my whole world with sweet fresh scents. and when you run into my ear whispering praises to me. how you constantly want to be nearer i ask was it not you yourself that sustains me? your essence runs though my veins, parches my thirst and grows my food. water it is your gentle tide that lulls me to sleep. so when you seek me out to praise me of my glory i hold up a mirror

girl you look down upon me with your judgmental eyes. you think you know me, you think you understand. you try and hold me up to the light. then act surprised when you think I'm unintelligent, not outgoing. was it not you that taught me to be so?did your stares not force me to my safety? you look down upon me judging me, i hold up a mirror

boy you fell from the heavens, now kissing my lips
you run your fingers through my hair till my heart skips. you brush your hand down my cheek caressing my chin you fill my whole world with sweet fresh smiles. and when you whisper praises in my ear and tell me you always want to be together, i say was it not you yourself that sustains me. your blood runs through my heart.l you have filled my happiness and nourished my soul. boy is it not dreams of you that pull me into sleep? so when you seek me out to praise me of my glory i hold up a mirror.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

so two months or so ago i found out i can't eat gluten, i'm allergic or intolerant of it or something. i i went off it. it's been the hardest food related thing i have ever done. it feels like they just throw flour into everything because they feel like it. at first i realized that not eating it mad me feel so much better. but it wasn't untill this week that i learned what eating,even just a tiny bit can do to me. i must have had some somehow i'm not exactly sure where. but i got so sick, i missed a day of school and felt like intrernal death for three days. :C so this was me taking my anger out at the terrible stuff. it's just scary knowing how sick it makes me and knowing that it's in EVERYTHING! it's getting easier for me to find ways not to eat it. and i don't feel hated anymore when i can't eat what everybody else is eating. but i am scared for all the times i slip and don't know, then i pay for it big time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Persephone's Bitter consequence

Eternal spring lay in our world, warmth and fresh air twirled
but when that maiden was stolen away an endless winter befell
nothing grew, no not one thing, in this barren icy world
and nothing but her fathers word could Hades act dispel
she could return now, our world could grow, but now things would alter
for underworld's laws don't easily brake without a staggering cost
one slip can forever change things, even just one falter
now frigidly I sit in a world of snow, icy with frost
because Persephone ate the seeds
winter inevitably must now come
now just like she, for months we are trapped
in this winters grayest slum
till spring comes we must stay warm wrapped
the seeds were not worth the price
she knew it right away
if she knew of winters bitter breath I know she'd have thought twice
so when spring finally joins our world, enjoy it for it can't long stay

Saturday, January 8, 2011

happy new 2011!

" the sea is just a wetter version of the sky"

blue, expansive
changing, drifting haunting
reflecting each others glory

confessions of the moon

I am the gentle florescent yellow , white and blue of glowing light
I am an entire sphere, a half, a crescent, a sliver and then over again
I am an illusion constantly following you all night
I am the steady ebb and flow of the beating pushing pulling tide
I am the song you sing me, harmonizing with the stars
I am merely representing others glory, but yet you still marvel
I am the reflection on the midnight lake
I am what makes you heart sigh each night
I illuminate your darkest hours, and hide, blending in during your brightest
behind my sepia eyes the unknown hides
I am the taunting yet glorified moon

It is kate

it's black and white
it sounds like A Fine Frenzy and Regina spektor
it smells of baby lotions and shay butter
it tastes of key lime pie yogurt and gluten free toast
it looks like blond hair and black glasses
it feels great to be Kate

Monday, January 3, 2011

what a great happy new year

i love the feeling of a new chance. a new opportunity to set and keep goals, a new year that holds endless possibility. i mean come on this year 2011 could be anything. i think i will make this a great year. i have decided to be happy this year. it is a choice and i want to be happy. whatever happens and whatever dosn't i want to choose to be happy.