Saturday, October 23, 2010


we play this game this masquerade
of who we are and what we feel
a guessing game that has no end
we're make up our own real

nobody's real at seventeen
everybodys eyes are closed
we hide what we don't want seen
and the rest is all that's ever told
nobody's real at seventeen
and if we are we lie
we hide what we don't want seen
and we end up feeling alone

can we just be who we are
and see through clearer eyes
clarity isn't that far
we are more than we let others know

everybody's somebody at seventeen
we just put on a big show
but truthfully i'm ready to really be seen
not as what you think i am
or what possibly could be
but who i am right here right now
I'm ready to just be me

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It can be said in three words

i wouldn't be me without this
i wouldn't know true love or true pain
i wouldn't know hardship
or see how truly blessed i am
i wouldn't know what it means to cry your heart out
or understand tears of joy
i wouldn't know true patience
or how full a heart can truly be

all books in general
i wouldn't know what i know
or love what i love
but one extraordinary book in particular
that i KNOW is true
and that has made me who i am
and helps me see who i cane be

both in and outside of my family
who have taught me
guided me
helped me
lifted me up
hugged me
laughed with me
cried with me
and loved me for who i am

Monday, October 18, 2010

a few things i'm grateful for today

taci with dimples that look like a doll
Mia who is fiery ,cute and growing tall
my sweet jordy who sent pictures from far away Maine
the fact that yogurt isn't a grain ( thank goodness!)

brookie who understands me the best
and my poor mom that we never let get enough rest
a hard working loving adorable dad
and that Erin brought me gluten free cookies that don't taste bad!

its always good to remember what made your day so good!