Saturday, February 25, 2012


ticker-tape parade
palace of mirrors in versallies
library of congress
allison sudol
telesocope stars

Thursday, February 23, 2012

word heist

Everyday I breathe and I eat, I blink and blink

and heart my keeps time or perhaps just reminds me that I’m alive

But most of all I steal words

An unknown thief

a covert operation of constant magnitude

I collect them from pressed between fading pages of bound hard books

I grab them from above your head while you chatter to your girlfriend

I scrape them off the floor and rub them between my fingertips until they

shine and glimmer

Until I have Truncated from a girl with orange fingernails

And Collusion from the newspaper as I threw away my napkin

Manifesto, Adjustable, Nostalgia and Velvet I heisted

And when my stolen words are polished, when they gleam, I spend them

And because they gleam nobody discerns that they weren’t mine

Not a soul examines them closely

Until they are mine, my ravishing words

And when I have enough

I recite the story of pirated consonant and vowels

And you don’t even distinguish

that you are buying back your own words!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

soul singing

I saw your soul escaping into frigid air
you opened your mouth and with the music
I could see the warmth inside you leaking into the sky
I wanted to catch it, and with the song
bottle it up and keep you
But your soul wouldn't stay
It was warm and the world is cold
So I opened my mouth and let my voice join in
My soul followed yours
Together we clouded the sky with foggy breathy music

Thursday, February 9, 2012

lies of an honest girl

I try to be kind and nonconfontaional
sweet and Soft hearted
I try to look lovely
to make you think i'm put together
I try to sound smart and seem positive
so you can't see my flaws

But there are some things i've been hiding

I slip on ice
and I often talk too loud
I find people facinatingly scary
and I wear mis matched socks
I hardly floss when I don't want to
And I eat three yogurts a day
I'm an obsessive doodler
And I stay up late nights
I cry at simple things
I don't mind being alone
And I Stole some of my roomates pepper
And my knees can bend backwards which is kinda weird
And I act like an artist but I can't really draw
I want to go to paris but I'm afraid I'll be disapointed
I sometimes naraite my life but it's not frequent
and relationships scare me and I'm unsure why
my favorite word is queue
and I wish I liked tomatoes
and all this I hide Because I lie

I let you see part of me, the me I think you may like
But It's the me that I hide that I want you to love