Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hold my heart

I live in a world of untouchable things.
My music is on my iPod, sealed and closed and only mine. I cannot run my hands down the keys, feel the vibrations on my skin or see the look on the musicians face.
The mail I get is still mail put with an e at the start. The letters I get I can’t hold I can’t love, of let my tears drip down on their words.
They aren’t penned by the person of whom I have received.
Books are forgotten their text on a screen. Without pages or spines or a smell. They don’t have fingerprints of dog eared corners , wet spots or paper bookmarks. They tell the same story or at least the same words but not of the history of the readers before you
And my friends we don’t talk, we send messages. Some containing no words at all. Just letters and funny faces. “ lol  “ long past are the days when we would use language as an art rather than just a form of communication. The words don’t ring for they are flat on a screen and I can’t hear or feel or love them.
Even art I can’t feel. It is made without canvas and paint. Gone are the days of a brush sweeping across a long white paper. All I hear is a click. My hands don’t get messy and stained with pigment.

So in this untouchable world I sent you something you can touch. Something that is real something that you can relate to. I sent you my heat. Take it and know that it is the real deal. hold my heart it's real. it's true.

i took this picture to look like the music video 'blow away' by a fine frenzy. my sisters were models and i thought it turned out so cute i just had to post it:D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

farewell summer

Summer is comeing to a close and it's so sad!
this could very well be my last carefree summer
and that too is very sad! but i can't help but think of
all the amazing things i have done. like one of my favorite quotes
don't cry that it's over smile that it happened.
and as i take a deep breath and brace myself for the stress of school i'm also
excited for new adventures. yes i will deeply miss staying up late and sleeping in
or the fun days of only doing what you want,up i'm ready to keep moving forward.

Monday, August 9, 2010

this is the dress i imagine for my novel, a blood red wedding gown. I even love that she looks sad! it fits my story perfectly :)

six months

i have now known my little sister for six months now, she is eight years old. it feels like an eternity,and yet i still can't believe it has been that long. long past are the days of quiet,peace, and calm. she has turned our world around. she has both filled my heart and emptied my patience many time. i hug her little body and feel so much love for her. it has also been six months since i have seen my older brother, it is very much the same feeling. part of me feels like it has been forever and another part of me can't believe it has been that long. six months ago i would never have imagined my life where it's at. but here is a good place to be :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

welcome to kate's quality craze. this is the home of daydreams, of small poems written on scraps of paper during history class,for the magic of the everyday, for the BIG, the small and in in between. this is the home for all things that make me tick. the things that make life amazing and my world go round.