Sunday, January 25, 2015


I'll be the first to tell you I've never been in love. 
But I do know the feeling when your heart crumbles and your left with rubble inside. Sharp messy rocks and shards where something lovely once was. There's more than one way to break a heart. I could list the days. Engrave them on my mind like a memorial. Tally the days that haunt me.
But I've never let anyone in so far 
That they were transplanted deep inside. Their roots vining around my veins and arteries. To where I was so entangled I had to hack to get them out. Leaving me broken and bleeding. 
But when I tell you I'm sorry you are breaking I want you to know that That real. I want you to know that wounds turn to scabs. Then to scars. 
You never forget how you got them, you may always remember how you feel. but trust me darling you can heal. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yesterday's Lace

Oh how I ache for it
In the hollows of my bones
and deep in the black of my eyes.
I yearn for what is gone.
My hands reach out to grasp it,
but with empty palms and fading prospect
I let my fingernails dig deep into my skin.
I cannot hold onto it.
Memories fade rapidly,
children’s chalk art in the rain.
The colors aren’t as crisp,
faces become blurry and distant.
It’s easier this way,
but how it hurts to move on.
There is something ghostly about it all,
 almost seeing things I know cannot be.
Flickering moments glowing dimly
in the chambers of my heart and mind.
I am haunted by the elapsed existence
of what use to be.
But I will not let it take me.
Memory will not be the end of me.
I sort through every instant,
keeping only the lovely and noble,
demanding the dim and daunting away.
With clear eyes and strong bones,
I embellish tomorrow
with yesterday’s lace.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I've been running all my life
from what it is I want  most
echoing heartbeats loud in my ears 
because the fear of satisfaction is deep and real
I cling to my second best day dreams
telling myself It's all I want
raw heart and tired eyed I tremble
so afraid to be alone I drown in the empty
I don't know why I always find the need
to live on the edge of some screaming extreme

Friday, January 9, 2015


Back for 2015

So It's been just over two years since my last post. No I'm not a slacker I was gone but I decided for my creative spirit it would be a good thing to get back into it. So here I am again!