Saturday, June 25, 2011

The best artist

free write inspired by my little trip

they say a pictures worth a thousand words
Sometimes one thousand is plenty
Sometimes It's overkill
what you see is worth at least three million
How could you share in one snapshot or one poem
The view that almost truly takes your breath away
Beauty so Divine you forget to breath
You can't
I can't
But God can
I bet he finds such joy when we marvel at his hands
the rock that seems almost like molded clay
at the artistic hand of a child
or the sky absolutly laced with stars
so abundant you can't make out your constellations
Oh such Beauty
so many spend their whole lifetime
trying to create something that can even compare
And yet he is always the best
the best composer, the best writer, the best sculpter
and oh heavens
the BEST artist!

oh BEAUTIFUL for spacious skys

The world has music for those who listen

I love that line,
and i stole it right from the back of Erin's shirt! HA HA

floating words

I loved this concept but you can't read the note, It says
I can no longer swim the hopeless

The best part about having a best friend...

is that you have a best friend! erin and I in canyonlands! Ohh it was hot but SO beautiful

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He says she clings to a pathetic existence and that she doesn't live life
But sadly what he doesn't know is filling him
now he's full to the brim of ideas and emotions
burning high and dangerous like a fever
yet void and meaningless
the very thing that drew him in, caught his attention and eye
is the thing he can't seem to stand, the thing he can't get past
so he's left frustrated when she isn't what he thought
He wants her to be open minded and not to judge
but it's he himself that's shoving the critical words right down her throat
and she's left gasping to find her own thoughts and words and reasons
True she jumped to a few conclusions
But he's too focused on her flaws he didn't notice that he just jumped off a cliff
She wanted it to work
She gave it all she could afford and few more dollars
But what did he give?
not enough
I wish i could scream to him
let him know that what makes him think she's cute and different
is also what makes him think she's strange and hopeless
and although I will give him some credit
that he dared to take a step
dared to leap and learn
dared to ask what he didn't know
I'm not past saying that it's he not she
that clings to a pathetic existence

Sunday, June 19, 2011

just love yourself and your set

I can no longer be held accountable for what you think

It wasn't really what I meant to say but now I think of it all the time
I can't base what I do off of what you will think
I can't take the shame or the blame when you don't react the way I wanted you to
I am bigger than that and better than that
so yeah, I will do what's me
and if you want to voice your opinion go for it!
but I can no longer look at you as a reflection of me
Your not me so how the heck would you show me myself
I am me and although I'm not always exactly who I want to be
I don't want to be you, so i'm gonna stop trying
Winning my own approval is worth ten times as much as yours
in the profound words of lady Gaga

don't love yourself and regret just love yourself and your set

it's soooo true, soo many times I'm in a situation and i feel fine, but afterward while I'm looking back at what happened, I beat myself up about the stupid things I said or did. WHO NEEDS THAT? I mean yeah sometimes you do make big mistakes but I'm talking about just laughing too loud or saying the wrong thing.
so live in the forward. we can't care so much about what other people think! We are NEVER going to be perfect! NEVER! there will ALWAYS be things you wish you could redo, But perhaps not so much when you look at the big picture! YEAH i'm super clumsy and talk and laugh really loud, sometimes I'm awkward or unsocial, sometimes people don't get my jokes or think i'm stupid, I spell things wrong all the time . BUT I LOVE IT ALL! Because without all that stuff I really wouldn't be me.
I'm the only person on this whole planet that will ever be close to perfect at being me!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Heartaches and mistakes, how many hits can a good girl take. I’m tired of hurting, slowly learning

argggg! well what on earth do you say?
guess it hurts a bit but I'm over it

here is a little poem i dedicate to my bbbbf

boys are stupid
boys are dumb
they play your heart
and they are no fun

but swinging gets you closer to heaven and we did a LOT of that as of late

you break her heart I will break your neck!

lessons learned
you flirt with fire your gonna get burned
doubles are troubles
taylor swift has a song for every stupid boy out there
and singing them loudly at the park in the dark is fun!

It's never a mistake if you learn
burn burn burn baby burn

song for everything

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strong Girl

I told myself I can no longer cry
That I am too strong to do so anymore!
I used to run like a drippy faucet
A very moment could set me off
Now I hold it in tight, too tight not letting anything out
Till I'm soaking around the edges
Till water comes out of my toes and ears But I still won't cry
because strong girls don't cry!
But I've been lying to myself when I said strong girls don't cry
It's the really strong ones who cry most
The ones who are strong enough to leave their hearts open
The ones who are strong enough not to stop caring
The strong girls have done it before
Have done it for so long they know crying best
So I'm leaving my resolution behind!
Because SLOWLY I've learned I AM A STRONG GIRL!
And strong girls care enough to cry

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes I am following you!

oK, so pretty much to write almost anything you need.......... CHARACTERS!
And although our minds can create some very amazing ones on their own, sometimes we need INSPIRATION! So if you wonder how to create a character... Or if your just board like me do this.......

1.GO to a public place, I went to the Gateway mall.
2.find someplace nice to sit,I was outside Ben and Jerry's :)
3.Observe people! for like a long time. Watch the people that pass by. What are they wearing, are they alone or with people. Are they on their phone? Do they walk fast or slow? Is there anything about them that stands out? It's amazing what you can find out about a person in the minute it takes them to walk past you if your looking.

I noticed the girl at Starbucks walk over to the phone store across from here store with three cookies in hand. She went in and gave them to the guy working the register. He SMILED really big and so did she. She paused a moment and then left back to her job. HOW CUTE IS THAT? they totally love each other!
and i found that out by just watching
It doesn't matter if the story .
you come to is real or not because it's now YOUR story

4. After you have sucessfully completed the OBSERVING task like REALLY well, you must take it one step farther. STALK SOMEBODY! YES you heard me, no not creepy,no not like weird. JUST pick somebody who is walking by, and casually follow them so they don't know. Stroll into the same store they stroll into, LOOK, Listen AND Imagine! BUT DON'T LET THEM KNOW! Give it five minutes and see what you can learn

here is mine
Her name is Jessica, she is short and small. Her feet are very small probably like a size five and a half. She has naturally brown hair that she dyes a popping shade of PINK. She is very stylish and has money to spend on clothes. Her jacket which was navy with red embellishments was from anthropology and was ADORABLE! She had a leather satchel and leather boots. Her two friends laughed and talked much more than she did, But she smiled more than they did. When it started pouring rain she smiled and enjoyed it, she didn't' rush inside like most other people do. She likes to follow trends. Her eyes are dark brown with gold around the edges.

ok ok i know what your saying... I sound really creepy! Well some of that i made up, some of it i observed. It's amazing what people will let you know about them without them even knowing your picking it all up. Plus look at what a character i have now! And all it took was five minutes and a little bit of harmless following. PLUS you feel like a spy! HA HA seriously you do!


jade my fantastical cousin is now a follower so i have.... 20!!!! ok i really have 19 because one follower...hummm is following it on two accounts, but still! I'm practically at WORLD DOMINATION! ha ha just kidding, but it is cool that at least 19 people pretend to read what i write and like.... four of you actually do! :) no just kidding i love you all!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

stream of consiousness 6/11/11

Let it flow...

there is so much, conflicting yet combining that waves through our minds like waves, pulling and pushing, giving and taking yet always always taking. It's like we love what we imagine but do we really love what we have?i want so much to be heard by others to have my voice matter. but if my voice doesn't matter to me then why would anybody else bother listening? they say it's almost never your birthday it's almost always somebody elses. Which is true you have a one out of three hundred and sixty five chance of it being you. But we don't seem to pout we just know that within the next three hundred and sixty five days it will be is. It's all about time but time has nothing to do with it. It's like the sea, the sea has time, high tides and low tides but with the sea it doesn't matter what time it is,but the sea will do what it pleases when it pleases. I wish things could be different I wish it could be somebody else but it's not and if it was i would wish it were me. So i just wake up and braid another little thing into my hair and hope that someday i will see the sea. That someday the moon won't seem so far away but hopefully it also doesn't seem too close. wg

Friday, June 10, 2011

flightless feathers

we are not creatures of flight. It's just how things are, But we all yearn to be. We all want to rise higher and be bigger. we almost all want to envy the birds,with their melodious songs, their swooping dances and breathless ease. Naturally we are nothing like the birds. Our movement is planned and patterned. We doet swooping syrinic soun't sing in simple yet swooping syrinic sounds. We stand here firmly planted as they are free about us. Oh to be free above where we are,to see a sunset and explore it. Gliding in almost painted colors of pink and violet. we wish the moon could be even a mile closer. So we try. We put feathers in our flightless hair and manifest our wishes though sight. But men cannot fly upon flightless feathers. The flightfull ones will always flirt with us, singing down their freedom to our feathered heads. But we cannot be like them, not truly. So I pluck the stolen wings from my hair and learn to be happy on the ground.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

photo time!!!

I shot Brooke and Eleri today, we went for like a tribal, earthy feel.My adorable and extremely talented new friend Abby also came to shoot with me! she is so cute, to see her blog and pics of this shoot click here in the blank spot :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


ok, so it's SUMMER!
and i am now an adult, out of high school with a job.
But if you think for one second that is gonna stop me from LIVING IT UP, you are WRONG!
so how does one live it up exactly?
well first one must make a list of things to be done
then well HELLO.... you do the things on your list.
because I am an extremely indecisive person I will just add to the list when I figure out more things I wanna do. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, APPARENTLY
1. PHOTOSHOOTS! yes, if ya wanna be in my pics just let me know, i wanna do some shoots with ABBY! and Dayna and anyone else open to the ideas
2. OK what 18 year old girl doesn't want a summer romance, or flirt or SOMETHING? I mean come ON! I mean it's totally MY TURN!!!!
3. Make a crazy music video, like go all out! any of ya in? come on it will be grand!
4.have an epic SALT lake city adventure! wink to you! ;)
5. Have a HEIST Society party! holla to w.w. hale the 5th, MY book boyfriend
6. WRITE! i wanna write at lest SOMETHING every day, even if it's just text message poetry, HUM.... if ya wanna get some of that text message poetry let me know i'll send it your way
8. ART, work on something artistic once a week. I might keep yall posted, maybe
9. wear dresses, NOt everyday, But how cute are girls that wear sun dresses in the summer just because they can? VERY CUTE!
10. bike
11. blogg
12. perfect my sidewalk chalk art skills
13. go on a date!
14. READ!
15. sleep under the stars
16. learn to not hate swimming
17. Build up a tolerance for spicy foods
that's good for now, I think.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

my other blog . my favorite post

i just really like the way it looks here so i'm just linking you there right here . this is the other blog i do it's my 365 photography blog.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4th 2011

The truth hits our hearts not like a bullet but a cannonball
Demolishing all that we thought
Shattering the ideal little picture frames that held who we thought we were
Showing us how very very far from good we are
The sun rises on who we are determined to be
Illuminating all we still don't know
Manifesting to us that behind each set of eyes
Behind the smiles and the laughs, the thick outer shell
Behind each character is someone REAL
Someone with a story we almost never catch a peek of
Someone with a heart that might be more broken than your own
Someone who needs any shard