Sunday, June 19, 2011

just love yourself and your set

I can no longer be held accountable for what you think

It wasn't really what I meant to say but now I think of it all the time
I can't base what I do off of what you will think
I can't take the shame or the blame when you don't react the way I wanted you to
I am bigger than that and better than that
so yeah, I will do what's me
and if you want to voice your opinion go for it!
but I can no longer look at you as a reflection of me
Your not me so how the heck would you show me myself
I am me and although I'm not always exactly who I want to be
I don't want to be you, so i'm gonna stop trying
Winning my own approval is worth ten times as much as yours
in the profound words of lady Gaga

don't love yourself and regret just love yourself and your set

it's soooo true, soo many times I'm in a situation and i feel fine, but afterward while I'm looking back at what happened, I beat myself up about the stupid things I said or did. WHO NEEDS THAT? I mean yeah sometimes you do make big mistakes but I'm talking about just laughing too loud or saying the wrong thing.
so live in the forward. we can't care so much about what other people think! We are NEVER going to be perfect! NEVER! there will ALWAYS be things you wish you could redo, But perhaps not so much when you look at the big picture! YEAH i'm super clumsy and talk and laugh really loud, sometimes I'm awkward or unsocial, sometimes people don't get my jokes or think i'm stupid, I spell things wrong all the time . BUT I LOVE IT ALL! Because without all that stuff I really wouldn't be me.
I'm the only person on this whole planet that will ever be close to perfect at being me!

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