Sunday, November 28, 2010


so yes thanksgiving is over, the turkey is in a leftover container in the fridge waiting to be made into Mondays sandwich but i never got the change to be thankful on my blog. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, many times it seems like we are so selfish in our daily lives. not like we mean to be, i think most of the time it's far to easy to think about us and what we want. I'm guilty as charged. so i love taking a holiday to think about all the things i have, all the things that i have been so blessed with. the little things that make my life so amazing. it's always good to take a moment and count you blessings. i am thankful for sooo many things i could never list them all. but i will try and list some of the things that i am really grateful for, and no they aren't in order.

I'm thankful for my family- it's big, it's loud, we go crazy often, sometimes i have to hide. but they love me so much and do so much for me. i can't even imagine life without my big loud loving family they does so much for me. i'm so grateful for my little sisters, taci, brooke and mia. we fight. we tease and we are best friends. i'm so grateful to have a thanksgiving with all my sisters this is the first one.
my big brothers are so great. they are such good examples to me and i love them so much. i miss living in the same house as them but i love them and look up to them in so many ways. i'm grateful to jordy for serving a mission and i love him! i'm happy to see tay often and love him! man my mom and dad do so much i couldn't list it all if i tried. i'm grateful for them for helping and loving me and our whole family, they give up so much for us and i love them like crazy. i'm grateful for my grandparents, aunts , uncles, and cousins that make life so happy( and loud) your the best!
i'm thankful to have a warm house to live in, that I'm warm from the snow and cold. I'm thankful for the adorable room i have and my cutiest little roommate ( mia). I'm thankful that i live here where i never have to be cold or hungry. that i can go to school and learn and make something out of my life. i'm thankful to be a member of my church that i have such a support system and for the knowledge that i am a daughter of my heavenly father who loves me! i'm thankful to always have enough to eat. that i am healthy and can live my life! I'm thankful for all the things i have that people in Haiti don't have. I'm thankful for the many many things i have and that i have opportunities to share what i have with others who don't have as much. like my dearest aunt barbie would say " i am so blessed!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

18 things you may or may not have known about me

1. my all time favorite thing to eat- yogurt ,everyday!
2. I have never been to a real concert
3. my favorite color is green
4. I love to dream about owning a cupcake shop- gluten free of coarse
5. i am terrified of heights but not of falling
6. I don't have pierced ears
7.I don't really know why
8. I love writing in cursive
9. I have contacts i just don't wear them- just because you were wondering
10. my favorite number is 17 and i don't know why
11. I learned my phone number by a song and still sing it in my head when calling home
12. I am dieing to go to the library of congress
13. I HATE socks!
14. when i was little i was convinced i would be a movie star
15. I have never had a mountain dew, Dr, pepper or coke
16. I have hyper extensive knees
17. I DON'T eat chicken or any other meat if it has bones
18. I am in LOVE with the moon, i make sure to see it every single night

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the scary tooth fairy and the tooth rat

so i was trying to get my little sister mia to sleep tonight and she was quiet and then said "kate can you do me favor" so i was like " what" " can you take out my tooth" i thought it was so funny i turned on the light to see if she really did have a wiggly tooth. well she did and she wanted it out of her mouth. so i told her it might hurt, she didn't care. i pulled it right out. she was excited and wanted to show my mom and dad so we did. then brooke and i tried to explaine about the tooth fairy and how if you leave your tooth under your pillow you get a dollar. she got the scariest look on her face " i don't want that, it would scare me !" she was sincerly worried. i tried to tell her it was fun and she would get money but the whole fairy thing freaked her out way too much. in the end we had to tell her the tooth fairy was pretend and it was only a joke to make her happy. well it didn't make her happy. she wouldn't go to sleep because she was worried a fairy was going to come. finally i told her me and brooke were being mean and there really is no fairy. i asked her what they did when they lost teeth in haiti. she sat up and wide eyed told me. " there is a rat in the corner that eats garbage, we says rat rat give me another tooth. then we throw it at him" she seemed to really bealive that. ha ha who knows whats real but i though it was so funny! i asked if the rat was scary or if she cried. " no we's like it" she told me. so now we know the tooth fairy is scary but the rat isn't! oh my little haiti girl! you are so dang cute

the thankful month

I truly have so much to be thankful for! as my aunt barbie would say "i am so blessed". so seeing as it's November and thanksgiving is coming up i decided to blog what I'm thankful for every day. today i am thankful for food. when i was little and you would make a paper turkey and write on the feathers what you were thankful for i would always write that i was thankful for food. i don't think i ever even came close to understanding how thankful i should be. it wasn't until i first saw Mia that i understood hunger. it wasn't until i watched her eat a whole pizza almost in one sitting, or heard her ask if we were going to eat the rat we caught in my grandmas yard. it wasn't until she told us " sometimes in Haiti we don't' eat all of day" do you cry? " no we just eat the next day" it's been so amazing watching her tiny body getting the nutrition she needs. she is growing! she isn't skinny anymore, she has a belly and muscles ! i am thankful for food, I'm thankful i have never known true hunger. i am thankfull that i never have had to eat mud, or rats or dolls like the poor people in Haiti. I'm thankfull that my little Mia is getting bigger , that food is healing her body. I'm thankful for frozen hot chocolate, yogurt, pickles, gluten free cupcakes and all my other favorite foods. i am so blessed!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i found this picture and just fell in love with it.
so i had to post it, it was just too perfect!