Sunday, November 28, 2010


so yes thanksgiving is over, the turkey is in a leftover container in the fridge waiting to be made into Mondays sandwich but i never got the change to be thankful on my blog. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, many times it seems like we are so selfish in our daily lives. not like we mean to be, i think most of the time it's far to easy to think about us and what we want. I'm guilty as charged. so i love taking a holiday to think about all the things i have, all the things that i have been so blessed with. the little things that make my life so amazing. it's always good to take a moment and count you blessings. i am thankful for sooo many things i could never list them all. but i will try and list some of the things that i am really grateful for, and no they aren't in order.

I'm thankful for my family- it's big, it's loud, we go crazy often, sometimes i have to hide. but they love me so much and do so much for me. i can't even imagine life without my big loud loving family they does so much for me. i'm so grateful for my little sisters, taci, brooke and mia. we fight. we tease and we are best friends. i'm so grateful to have a thanksgiving with all my sisters this is the first one.
my big brothers are so great. they are such good examples to me and i love them so much. i miss living in the same house as them but i love them and look up to them in so many ways. i'm grateful to jordy for serving a mission and i love him! i'm happy to see tay often and love him! man my mom and dad do so much i couldn't list it all if i tried. i'm grateful for them for helping and loving me and our whole family, they give up so much for us and i love them like crazy. i'm grateful for my grandparents, aunts , uncles, and cousins that make life so happy( and loud) your the best!
i'm thankful to have a warm house to live in, that I'm warm from the snow and cold. I'm thankful for the adorable room i have and my cutiest little roommate ( mia). I'm thankful that i live here where i never have to be cold or hungry. that i can go to school and learn and make something out of my life. i'm thankful to be a member of my church that i have such a support system and for the knowledge that i am a daughter of my heavenly father who loves me! i'm thankful to always have enough to eat. that i am healthy and can live my life! I'm thankful for all the things i have that people in Haiti don't have. I'm thankful for the many many things i have and that i have opportunities to share what i have with others who don't have as much. like my dearest aunt barbie would say " i am so blessed!"

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