Thursday, November 4, 2010

the thankful month

I truly have so much to be thankful for! as my aunt barbie would say "i am so blessed". so seeing as it's November and thanksgiving is coming up i decided to blog what I'm thankful for every day. today i am thankful for food. when i was little and you would make a paper turkey and write on the feathers what you were thankful for i would always write that i was thankful for food. i don't think i ever even came close to understanding how thankful i should be. it wasn't until i first saw Mia that i understood hunger. it wasn't until i watched her eat a whole pizza almost in one sitting, or heard her ask if we were going to eat the rat we caught in my grandmas yard. it wasn't until she told us " sometimes in Haiti we don't' eat all of day" do you cry? " no we just eat the next day" it's been so amazing watching her tiny body getting the nutrition she needs. she is growing! she isn't skinny anymore, she has a belly and muscles ! i am thankful for food, I'm thankful i have never known true hunger. i am thankfull that i never have had to eat mud, or rats or dolls like the poor people in Haiti. I'm thankfull that my little Mia is getting bigger , that food is healing her body. I'm thankful for frozen hot chocolate, yogurt, pickles, gluten free cupcakes and all my other favorite foods. i am so blessed!

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