Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A punk in Rexburg

Let me start of by saying I love Rexburg! I really honestly and truly do. The first time I came here I knew there was something different about this place. It's a good and amazing place. I love BYU-I and all the people I get to be with on a daily bases. I LOVE the people here! but sometimes you don't love everything people do.
In my social work, psychology and social problems classes we learn a lot about society and the way people are. Especially in my social work class we learn about groups of people. I learn about prisoners, gays, convicts, homeless, racial minorities, drug addicts and all kinds of people who aren't exactly just like everybody else. 
So I wanted to feel what it's like to not fit in. To be a bit different. I didn't even have to go extreme to know what it was like to stand out.  I went a bit punky! I honestly was just having some fun with my  roommate, I never could have anticipated the reaction I got!  I walked out of my bedroom and my roommates all stared at me, I think maybe there was some eye rolling or shock Ha ha! Walking down the street SO many people were starring at me! I wasn't used to it!  Anywhere else in the world, even Bountiful UT, nobody would have given me a second glace, but I was a spectacle here.  We went by this old church to take some pictures and there was this old man who opened up the door. You could tell he was like who is this girl? what is she doing here? ha ha i just laughed about the whole thing but I actually learned a lot! 
I can now see how kids who do dress punky or goth feel the world is against them. I sorta felt that way! I can also see how it's a bit of a thrill!  there is something to say about gaining perspective and seeing the world the way others see it... OR more importantly being see by the world the way others are seen.  We constantly judge people when we have NO IDEA what they are really like! Even when we think we know... we usually don't. From now on I want to be much less judgmental! MUCH!  
I also want to step it up! Go WAY punky or something and try to talk to people. My guess is they will see the way I look and never have the chance to find out what kind of person I really am.I know that the way we looks sends a message to people about who we are, I like to dress in a way that represents that. But when we start assuming things about people because they are dressed in a certain way, we become the ones doing wrong! 
p.s. looking at the pictures I don't look as punky as I felt!   ha ha it's all about perspective! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

never ending adventure

I dream of the sea
 into big rolling waves I run
 Your with me there in the salty air
 as I let the wind and water consume me
the pounding waves and my heart match
 making one loud rhythm

 I dream of the stars
 But mostly the moon
 and you grab my hand and pull me to it
 I never can decide which i like more
 looking at the moon from the earth
 or the earth from the moon
 I ponder this question nightly
 Until I wake up to the sun

 I dream of the forest
the kind where rain is daily
and wild birds sing
 of bright colors and strange smells
 I find you there in this jungle
 what an adventure runs through my veins
 as we run barefoot
discovering toads and unknown flowers

 I wake up in my apartment
 to my same daily routine
 I search for your face in the crowd
and darling when you do
 just remember the best thing you could give me
 is a never ending adventure