Wednesday, June 6, 2012

never ending adventure

I dream of the sea
 into big rolling waves I run
 Your with me there in the salty air
 as I let the wind and water consume me
the pounding waves and my heart match
 making one loud rhythm

 I dream of the stars
 But mostly the moon
 and you grab my hand and pull me to it
 I never can decide which i like more
 looking at the moon from the earth
 or the earth from the moon
 I ponder this question nightly
 Until I wake up to the sun

 I dream of the forest
the kind where rain is daily
and wild birds sing
 of bright colors and strange smells
 I find you there in this jungle
 what an adventure runs through my veins
 as we run barefoot
discovering toads and unknown flowers

 I wake up in my apartment
 to my same daily routine
 I search for your face in the crowd
and darling when you do
 just remember the best thing you could give me
 is a never ending adventure


  1. I was just roaming along the blog world! And yours is adorable! Just thought I would say!
    Erin @