Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 The good, the bad ,the ugly and the happy

wow this has been quiet the year.
it's brought a lot of good
and a Lot of bad.

I meet Mia for the first time
I have prayed harder than i ever have
my prayers have been answered
I had a fully heart
I had a sad and angry heart
I had a overjoyed heart
I learned how it feels to have a broken heart
I learned i am stronger than i thought
I learned i can do anything
I learned how amazing my parents really are
I learned how much heavenly father loves me and my family
I have seen true and real miracles
I have seen true tragedy,sorrow and pain
I have made wishes
I have grown
I have cried
I have laughed
I understand more
sometimes I wish I didn't
I have been annoyed
I switched bedrooms
I went to too many funerals
I fell in love with art
I became a senior
I became gluten free
I got my first pair of skinny jeans
I became the oldest child at home
I became happier
I was with my whole family for the first time
I learned what a difference i can make
I grew up a lot
I have made friends
I have changed my mind
I have conquered challenges
and i am ready for 2011!

so out with the old in with the new
I won't say i loved 2010 but i love who I have become because of 2010!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

starry starry night

the whole glowing orb of luna shown
moonlight falling like the soft and unspoken
the gaudy stars as bright as my soul felt
the wind's curly locks gave way threw the hills
to kiss and cradle the stars
in soft hugs of air
and yet it stood thrusting upward in the dark in the night
to tarnish my angelic view of the light
and laying in my bed
observing the heavenly splendor
i beheld the dark shadow of a tree take a breath
a deep sighing breath and yearn for the stars, for the above
the wind was free to fly but trees have roots
and try as they might can't stretch up
kissing and cradling the kingdom of the sky
what would the tree give for such liberties
surly every leaf it held
and naively the wind gust upwards
not knowing what it had was to be envied so
each viewing the other with glory and significance
perhaps the stars and moon the most nieve of all
and i beheld them all
eyes open wide, all tucked into my bed

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the thirll and the chill is enough

there is something perhaps eerily strange about snow
when it's falling all seems deathly silentnot a sound in the world is to be heardand so your ears yearn to hear what isn't therebut what isn't heard is make up for in what is seenthe glistening celestial specks drifting earthbound bitterly gracing my skin with there tiny kisses
only to melt away into the forgotten
the life of a snowflake is short
one snowflake doesn't get much glory
one snowflake isn't significant
but what a life one snowflake must live
skydiving to our world
and that thrill that chill is enough

Friday, December 10, 2010


oh i just can't even explaine how much i love this painting right now, i garentee a poem will be on here shortly about it. it just makes my heart sigh.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


so yes thanksgiving is over, the turkey is in a leftover container in the fridge waiting to be made into Mondays sandwich but i never got the change to be thankful on my blog. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, many times it seems like we are so selfish in our daily lives. not like we mean to be, i think most of the time it's far to easy to think about us and what we want. I'm guilty as charged. so i love taking a holiday to think about all the things i have, all the things that i have been so blessed with. the little things that make my life so amazing. it's always good to take a moment and count you blessings. i am thankful for sooo many things i could never list them all. but i will try and list some of the things that i am really grateful for, and no they aren't in order.

I'm thankful for my family- it's big, it's loud, we go crazy often, sometimes i have to hide. but they love me so much and do so much for me. i can't even imagine life without my big loud loving family they does so much for me. i'm so grateful for my little sisters, taci, brooke and mia. we fight. we tease and we are best friends. i'm so grateful to have a thanksgiving with all my sisters this is the first one.
my big brothers are so great. they are such good examples to me and i love them so much. i miss living in the same house as them but i love them and look up to them in so many ways. i'm grateful to jordy for serving a mission and i love him! i'm happy to see tay often and love him! man my mom and dad do so much i couldn't list it all if i tried. i'm grateful for them for helping and loving me and our whole family, they give up so much for us and i love them like crazy. i'm grateful for my grandparents, aunts , uncles, and cousins that make life so happy( and loud) your the best!
i'm thankful to have a warm house to live in, that I'm warm from the snow and cold. I'm thankful for the adorable room i have and my cutiest little roommate ( mia). I'm thankful that i live here where i never have to be cold or hungry. that i can go to school and learn and make something out of my life. i'm thankful to be a member of my church that i have such a support system and for the knowledge that i am a daughter of my heavenly father who loves me! i'm thankful to always have enough to eat. that i am healthy and can live my life! I'm thankful for all the things i have that people in Haiti don't have. I'm thankful for the many many things i have and that i have opportunities to share what i have with others who don't have as much. like my dearest aunt barbie would say " i am so blessed!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

18 things you may or may not have known about me

1. my all time favorite thing to eat- yogurt ,everyday!
2. I have never been to a real concert
3. my favorite color is green
4. I love to dream about owning a cupcake shop- gluten free of coarse
5. i am terrified of heights but not of falling
6. I don't have pierced ears
7.I don't really know why
8. I love writing in cursive
9. I have contacts i just don't wear them- just because you were wondering
10. my favorite number is 17 and i don't know why
11. I learned my phone number by a song and still sing it in my head when calling home
12. I am dieing to go to the library of congress
13. I HATE socks!
14. when i was little i was convinced i would be a movie star
15. I have never had a mountain dew, Dr, pepper or coke
16. I have hyper extensive knees
17. I DON'T eat chicken or any other meat if it has bones
18. I am in LOVE with the moon, i make sure to see it every single night

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the scary tooth fairy and the tooth rat

so i was trying to get my little sister mia to sleep tonight and she was quiet and then said "kate can you do me favor" so i was like " what" " can you take out my tooth" i thought it was so funny i turned on the light to see if she really did have a wiggly tooth. well she did and she wanted it out of her mouth. so i told her it might hurt, she didn't care. i pulled it right out. she was excited and wanted to show my mom and dad so we did. then brooke and i tried to explaine about the tooth fairy and how if you leave your tooth under your pillow you get a dollar. she got the scariest look on her face " i don't want that, it would scare me !" she was sincerly worried. i tried to tell her it was fun and she would get money but the whole fairy thing freaked her out way too much. in the end we had to tell her the tooth fairy was pretend and it was only a joke to make her happy. well it didn't make her happy. she wouldn't go to sleep because she was worried a fairy was going to come. finally i told her me and brooke were being mean and there really is no fairy. i asked her what they did when they lost teeth in haiti. she sat up and wide eyed told me. " there is a rat in the corner that eats garbage, we says rat rat give me another tooth. then we throw it at him" she seemed to really bealive that. ha ha who knows whats real but i though it was so funny! i asked if the rat was scary or if she cried. " no we's like it" she told me. so now we know the tooth fairy is scary but the rat isn't! oh my little haiti girl! you are so dang cute

the thankful month

I truly have so much to be thankful for! as my aunt barbie would say "i am so blessed". so seeing as it's November and thanksgiving is coming up i decided to blog what I'm thankful for every day. today i am thankful for food. when i was little and you would make a paper turkey and write on the feathers what you were thankful for i would always write that i was thankful for food. i don't think i ever even came close to understanding how thankful i should be. it wasn't until i first saw Mia that i understood hunger. it wasn't until i watched her eat a whole pizza almost in one sitting, or heard her ask if we were going to eat the rat we caught in my grandmas yard. it wasn't until she told us " sometimes in Haiti we don't' eat all of day" do you cry? " no we just eat the next day" it's been so amazing watching her tiny body getting the nutrition she needs. she is growing! she isn't skinny anymore, she has a belly and muscles ! i am thankful for food, I'm thankful i have never known true hunger. i am thankfull that i never have had to eat mud, or rats or dolls like the poor people in Haiti. I'm thankfull that my little Mia is getting bigger , that food is healing her body. I'm thankful for frozen hot chocolate, yogurt, pickles, gluten free cupcakes and all my other favorite foods. i am so blessed!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i found this picture and just fell in love with it.
so i had to post it, it was just too perfect!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


we play this game this masquerade
of who we are and what we feel
a guessing game that has no end
we're make up our own real

nobody's real at seventeen
everybodys eyes are closed
we hide what we don't want seen
and the rest is all that's ever told
nobody's real at seventeen
and if we are we lie
we hide what we don't want seen
and we end up feeling alone

can we just be who we are
and see through clearer eyes
clarity isn't that far
we are more than we let others know

everybody's somebody at seventeen
we just put on a big show
but truthfully i'm ready to really be seen
not as what you think i am
or what possibly could be
but who i am right here right now
I'm ready to just be me

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It can be said in three words

i wouldn't be me without this
i wouldn't know true love or true pain
i wouldn't know hardship
or see how truly blessed i am
i wouldn't know what it means to cry your heart out
or understand tears of joy
i wouldn't know true patience
or how full a heart can truly be

all books in general
i wouldn't know what i know
or love what i love
but one extraordinary book in particular
that i KNOW is true
and that has made me who i am
and helps me see who i cane be

both in and outside of my family
who have taught me
guided me
helped me
lifted me up
hugged me
laughed with me
cried with me
and loved me for who i am

Monday, October 18, 2010

a few things i'm grateful for today

taci with dimples that look like a doll
Mia who is fiery ,cute and growing tall
my sweet jordy who sent pictures from far away Maine
the fact that yogurt isn't a grain ( thank goodness!)

brookie who understands me the best
and my poor mom that we never let get enough rest
a hard working loving adorable dad
and that Erin brought me gluten free cookies that don't taste bad!

its always good to remember what made your day so good!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a heart full of lead and gold

my heart is full of lead and gold
gold is love
it is compassion and understanding
it is beautiful and valuable
gold radiates warmth
but it isn't strong
it's vulnerable
lead is heavy
it weighs you down
it isn't beautiful or valuable
but it's durable
heavy, and toxic

my life is a mix of metals ( good and bad)
i have a heavy, loving, valuable and sometimes painful heart
but without the bad how could i know the good? so life, i will take it
with a heart full of lead and gold

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am from ( a poem for english)

i am from old books
from rusty keys forgotten in the drawer
i am from black and white photographs
sepia tones turning into the past
i am fancy old hats with lace and frills
I am from cameo pins and fancy rings
and other lovely forgotten things
i am from the past i have never seen

i am from Haiti
from hungry nights and sweaty days
i am from first meetings and overwhelming hugs
from tear stained pillows and laughing summer days
i am from Creole and English
or the combination of the two
i am from adoption,Patience and love

i am from words
letters making beautiful resilient tones
i am from stories both on the page
and in my mind
i am from writing
letting the story bloom
and develop gently in my hands
i am from late nights eyes glued to the page
stuck in an entrancing story

i am from imagination
from the impossible
to imagination is more important than knowledge
i am creativity
from daydreams and once upon a times
to happily ever afters

i am from love
warm hugs and happy smiles
i am from feeling good and doing right
i am from family, hope, faith

i am from old books
form Haiti and words
i am from imagination and love

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

whant to know who i am?read what i have read

today i really heard a girl say
' I don't waist my time reading i have way better things to do'
then she picked up her i phone and spent the next twenty minuets texting
it made me laugh at how incredibly stupid she seemed.
yea because reading is such a waist of time and
I have never learned anything by reading! (NOT)
No seriously I think I have learned way more from the books I read
than I ever have or will learn in school.
That may be exaggerating things, but only a bit
Almost all history I know I didn't learn in school
I had already learned it by reading.
or perhaps because stories teach better than facts.
besides that, i learn how to feel by reading.
as a young girl i learned a true love of books from Ella Enchanted
I learned about war from Number the Stars and lilies crossing
I learned how to love, cry and do the right thing even when it hurts from Baby
I learned to look at life in the right perspective in Walk Two Moons
I learned to love the sea in the wanderer
I learned that being yourself is the best thing you can be in Just Ella
I learned a love of art in Chasing Vermeer
the list truly could and does go on and on........
even simple childish books teach you a lot
I would be a whole different person if I thought reading was a waist of time
I know I wouldn't know half the things I do
plus I wouldn't be as happy
so read your little hearts out
I know I do :)

Introduction to Poetry

by Billy Collins
I ask them to take a poem
and hold it up to the light
like a color slide

or press an ear against its hive.

I say drop a mouse into a poem
and watch him probe his way out,

or walk inside the poem’s room
and feel the walls for a light switch.

I want them to waterski
across the surface of a poem
waving at the author’s name on the shore.

But all they want to do
is tie the poem to a chair with rope
and torture a confession out of it.

They begin beating it with a hose
to find out what it really means.

"i think a lot of the time people tie a poem to a chair. i think they might even have the intent to like the poem but it's nature to tie it up and hack at it. to try so hard to understand it fully that they lose everything it was meant to be. poems don't need to have a confession, they don't need to be deeper than you are able to understand. can't you sky across the surface and admire the beauty that ripples across the words without diving so deep you drowned in it. just listen to it. let is whisper in your mind and shine through the window. don't hack at it. just love the sound and the ideas. for everybody who hates poetry i say, untie your poor poems and let them be beautiful. enjoy them for what they are. no more no less. "

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

world war two books

so i was telling my friends that i read so many world war two books. they thought that was weird but it's so true. not all the books are even close to the same in fact i think wwII has the most variety of stories. it is a very sad point in world history but i think amist the trials that is where good heroes and stories are born so here are at least some of the wwII books i have read.

we were not alone- an lds family living in Germany
the impossible journey- two Russian children
number the stars- a hiding Jewish girl
the devils arithmetic - concentration camp
the hiding place- concentration camp
night - concentration camp
the diary of Anne frank- Jewish girl in hiding
after the train- Jewish boy in Germany after the war
for freedom- a teenage french spy
willow run- young girl in America with brother as solider
Lilly's crossing - young girl in America father fighting in war
climbing the stairs- girl in India during the war
and these are just the ones i remember off the top of my head. ww2 was such a sad time. and so many of these books show us that we can be positive even in the worst situations. they can take away everything except our attitudes. so be positive
imagination is more important than knowledge-albert einstein
i love this quote! if we all thougth knowledge was the most important thing in the world we would never have the liberty to create something of our own. especally if that creation intereared with the knowledge we have. think of all the amazing things we wouldn't know if we didn't have the feedom to imagine. so today let your mind wonder a bit. think outside the box and imagine.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Proud to be an american!

thanks to everyone who died making this a free country. thanks to those who care more about our country than their lives. united we stand! god bless America!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Guest post by Kate's mom.

You Are AmAzInG!

You don't know you are amazing.
You don't see the strengths you own.
You don't know you are amazing.
You don't see what others know.

You don't see the light that shines
From your heart to those in need.
You don't see the gifts you give to
The little souls you help to feed.

You forget the things that matter
Are not graded in a book.
That life's very greatest treasures
Are a word, a touch, a look.

I wish that I could show you
And that you could believe
What we already know
And you, as yet, can not perceive.

You don't know you are amazing.
You don't see the strengths you own.

Enough love

it started with a light
only one single spark
but we have enough for you
enough light to spread
to brighten your world

let us light up your face
bring the light to your eyes
and lighten up your heavy heart
we have enough, more than enough
and you only make it grow
so let us give you light
and we can all shine together

i know you have been burned before
but this is good light
the kind that makes wishes true
so take our light
because we love you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The faith giving trees

the ground was cold and heartless
winters numbness just begining to decline
the earth held no bounty
we were left to starve alone

as winters numbness just beginning to decline
we found the faith giving trees
perhaps we weren't left alone to starve
we found three friends from these

we found the faith giving trees
lined up in one row
we found three friends from these
and strength to fight it though

lined up in one row
the first gave us it's fruit
and strength to fight it though
the second to us it's wood to burn

the first gave us it's fruit
we ate till we had none
the second us it's wood to burn
our fingers no longer numb

we ate till we had none
and the third made into our home
our fingers no longer numb
we could make it clear to spring

because of our three friends
the faith giving trees
the ground was cold and heartless
but we could make it clear to spring

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The lourve

from within these ancient halls
words echo from the dead
but not of ghost and spirits
but emotion locked in time

we see Davinci's love
we gimps van gouges mind
we see the strange world Picasso saw
and the angel Michelangelo set free from stone

in this ancient building
within theses hollowed halls
time stands still for us waiting
windows to look out far
far enough to see the world
a way to feel and understand
a way to ask

what made the farmers life so dull
what made time melt away
why is the man screaming
what is the lion sceaming
did Mona Lisa smile?
did the ponderer make up his mind
and what of this squiggly line

what makes something worth the time?
to see the world and paint it
and let it in your soul
we come to see it all
within these ancient halls

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hold my heart

I live in a world of untouchable things.
My music is on my iPod, sealed and closed and only mine. I cannot run my hands down the keys, feel the vibrations on my skin or see the look on the musicians face.
The mail I get is still mail put with an e at the start. The letters I get I can’t hold I can’t love, of let my tears drip down on their words.
They aren’t penned by the person of whom I have received.
Books are forgotten their text on a screen. Without pages or spines or a smell. They don’t have fingerprints of dog eared corners , wet spots or paper bookmarks. They tell the same story or at least the same words but not of the history of the readers before you
And my friends we don’t talk, we send messages. Some containing no words at all. Just letters and funny faces. “ lol  “ long past are the days when we would use language as an art rather than just a form of communication. The words don’t ring for they are flat on a screen and I can’t hear or feel or love them.
Even art I can’t feel. It is made without canvas and paint. Gone are the days of a brush sweeping across a long white paper. All I hear is a click. My hands don’t get messy and stained with pigment.

So in this untouchable world I sent you something you can touch. Something that is real something that you can relate to. I sent you my heat. Take it and know that it is the real deal. hold my heart it's real. it's true.

i took this picture to look like the music video 'blow away' by a fine frenzy. my sisters were models and i thought it turned out so cute i just had to post it:D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

farewell summer

Summer is comeing to a close and it's so sad!
this could very well be my last carefree summer
and that too is very sad! but i can't help but think of
all the amazing things i have done. like one of my favorite quotes
don't cry that it's over smile that it happened.
and as i take a deep breath and brace myself for the stress of school i'm also
excited for new adventures. yes i will deeply miss staying up late and sleeping in
or the fun days of only doing what you want,up i'm ready to keep moving forward.

Monday, August 9, 2010

this is the dress i imagine for my novel, a blood red wedding gown. I even love that she looks sad! it fits my story perfectly :)

six months

i have now known my little sister for six months now, she is eight years old. it feels like an eternity,and yet i still can't believe it has been that long. long past are the days of quiet,peace, and calm. she has turned our world around. she has both filled my heart and emptied my patience many time. i hug her little body and feel so much love for her. it has also been six months since i have seen my older brother, it is very much the same feeling. part of me feels like it has been forever and another part of me can't believe it has been that long. six months ago i would never have imagined my life where it's at. but here is a good place to be :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

welcome to kate's quality craze. this is the home of daydreams, of small poems written on scraps of paper during history class,for the magic of the everyday, for the BIG, the small and in in between. this is the home for all things that make me tick. the things that make life amazing and my world go round.