Monday, November 15, 2010

18 things you may or may not have known about me

1. my all time favorite thing to eat- yogurt ,everyday!
2. I have never been to a real concert
3. my favorite color is green
4. I love to dream about owning a cupcake shop- gluten free of coarse
5. i am terrified of heights but not of falling
6. I don't have pierced ears
7.I don't really know why
8. I love writing in cursive
9. I have contacts i just don't wear them- just because you were wondering
10. my favorite number is 17 and i don't know why
11. I learned my phone number by a song and still sing it in my head when calling home
12. I am dieing to go to the library of congress
13. I HATE socks!
14. when i was little i was convinced i would be a movie star
15. I have never had a mountain dew, Dr, pepper or coke
16. I have hyper extensive knees
17. I DON'T eat chicken or any other meat if it has bones
18. I am in LOVE with the moon, i make sure to see it every single night