Thursday, November 4, 2010

the scary tooth fairy and the tooth rat

so i was trying to get my little sister mia to sleep tonight and she was quiet and then said "kate can you do me favor" so i was like " what" " can you take out my tooth" i thought it was so funny i turned on the light to see if she really did have a wiggly tooth. well she did and she wanted it out of her mouth. so i told her it might hurt, she didn't care. i pulled it right out. she was excited and wanted to show my mom and dad so we did. then brooke and i tried to explaine about the tooth fairy and how if you leave your tooth under your pillow you get a dollar. she got the scariest look on her face " i don't want that, it would scare me !" she was sincerly worried. i tried to tell her it was fun and she would get money but the whole fairy thing freaked her out way too much. in the end we had to tell her the tooth fairy was pretend and it was only a joke to make her happy. well it didn't make her happy. she wouldn't go to sleep because she was worried a fairy was going to come. finally i told her me and brooke were being mean and there really is no fairy. i asked her what they did when they lost teeth in haiti. she sat up and wide eyed told me. " there is a rat in the corner that eats garbage, we says rat rat give me another tooth. then we throw it at him" she seemed to really bealive that. ha ha who knows whats real but i though it was so funny! i asked if the rat was scary or if she cried. " no we's like it" she told me. so now we know the tooth fairy is scary but the rat isn't! oh my little haiti girl! you are so dang cute


  1. Oh man that is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I dont want a rat to give me another tooth!! No thanks!!

  2. Well, I guess when you're from Haiti you can't be bothered being cold OR being scared of rats!
    love you!