Tuesday, June 7, 2011


ok, so it's SUMMER!
and i am now an adult, out of high school with a job.
But if you think for one second that is gonna stop me from LIVING IT UP, you are WRONG!
so how does one live it up exactly?
well first one must make a list of things to be done
then well HELLO.... you do the things on your list.
because I am an extremely indecisive person I will just add to the list when I figure out more things I wanna do. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, APPARENTLY
1. PHOTOSHOOTS! yes, if ya wanna be in my pics just let me know, i wanna do some shoots with ABBY! and Dayna and anyone else open to the ideas
2. OK what 18 year old girl doesn't want a summer romance, or flirt or SOMETHING? I mean come ON! I mean it's totally MY TURN!!!!
3. Make a crazy music video, like go all out! any of ya in? come on it will be grand!
4.have an epic SALT lake city adventure! wink to you! ;)
5. Have a HEIST Society party! holla to w.w. hale the 5th, MY book boyfriend
6. WRITE! i wanna write at lest SOMETHING every day, even if it's just text message poetry, HUM.... if ya wanna get some of that text message poetry let me know i'll send it your way
8. ART, work on something artistic once a week. I might keep yall posted, maybe
9. wear dresses, NOt everyday, But how cute are girls that wear sun dresses in the summer just because they can? VERY CUTE!
10. bike
11. blogg
12. perfect my sidewalk chalk art skills
13. go on a date!
14. READ!
15. sleep under the stars
16. learn to not hate swimming
17. Build up a tolerance for spicy foods
that's good for now, I think.....

1 comment:

  1. Salt Lake Adventure gets a double thumbs up...and everything else gets a single thumbs up. Yay! :)