Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He says she clings to a pathetic existence and that she doesn't live life
But sadly what he doesn't know is filling him
now he's full to the brim of ideas and emotions
burning high and dangerous like a fever
yet void and meaningless
the very thing that drew him in, caught his attention and eye
is the thing he can't seem to stand, the thing he can't get past
so he's left frustrated when she isn't what he thought
He wants her to be open minded and not to judge
but it's he himself that's shoving the critical words right down her throat
and she's left gasping to find her own thoughts and words and reasons
True she jumped to a few conclusions
But he's too focused on her flaws he didn't notice that he just jumped off a cliff
She wanted it to work
She gave it all she could afford and few more dollars
But what did he give?
not enough
I wish i could scream to him
let him know that what makes him think she's cute and different
is also what makes him think she's strange and hopeless
and although I will give him some credit
that he dared to take a step
dared to leap and learn
dared to ask what he didn't know
I'm not past saying that it's he not she
that clings to a pathetic existence

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