Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strong Girl

I told myself I can no longer cry
That I am too strong to do so anymore!
I used to run like a drippy faucet
A very moment could set me off
Now I hold it in tight, too tight not letting anything out
Till I'm soaking around the edges
Till water comes out of my toes and ears But I still won't cry
because strong girls don't cry!
But I've been lying to myself when I said strong girls don't cry
It's the really strong ones who cry most
The ones who are strong enough to leave their hearts open
The ones who are strong enough not to stop caring
The strong girls have done it before
Have done it for so long they know crying best
So I'm leaving my resolution behind!
Because SLOWLY I've learned I AM A STRONG GIRL!
And strong girls care enough to cry

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