Thursday, February 9, 2012

lies of an honest girl

I try to be kind and nonconfontaional
sweet and Soft hearted
I try to look lovely
to make you think i'm put together
I try to sound smart and seem positive
so you can't see my flaws

But there are some things i've been hiding

I slip on ice
and I often talk too loud
I find people facinatingly scary
and I wear mis matched socks
I hardly floss when I don't want to
And I eat three yogurts a day
I'm an obsessive doodler
And I stay up late nights
I cry at simple things
I don't mind being alone
And I Stole some of my roomates pepper
And my knees can bend backwards which is kinda weird
And I act like an artist but I can't really draw
I want to go to paris but I'm afraid I'll be disapointed
I sometimes naraite my life but it's not frequent
and relationships scare me and I'm unsure why
my favorite word is queue
and I wish I liked tomatoes
and all this I hide Because I lie

I let you see part of me, the me I think you may like
But It's the me that I hide that I want you to love

1 comment:

  1. I wear mismatched socks too! And you can never stop writing because you are amazing!