Monday, January 10, 2011

Persephone's Bitter consequence

Eternal spring lay in our world, warmth and fresh air twirled
but when that maiden was stolen away an endless winter befell
nothing grew, no not one thing, in this barren icy world
and nothing but her fathers word could Hades act dispel
she could return now, our world could grow, but now things would alter
for underworld's laws don't easily brake without a staggering cost
one slip can forever change things, even just one falter
now frigidly I sit in a world of snow, icy with frost
because Persephone ate the seeds
winter inevitably must now come
now just like she, for months we are trapped
in this winters grayest slum
till spring comes we must stay warm wrapped
the seeds were not worth the price
she knew it right away
if she knew of winters bitter breath I know she'd have thought twice
so when spring finally joins our world, enjoy it for it can't long stay

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