Thursday, January 13, 2011

so two months or so ago i found out i can't eat gluten, i'm allergic or intolerant of it or something. i i went off it. it's been the hardest food related thing i have ever done. it feels like they just throw flour into everything because they feel like it. at first i realized that not eating it mad me feel so much better. but it wasn't untill this week that i learned what eating,even just a tiny bit can do to me. i must have had some somehow i'm not exactly sure where. but i got so sick, i missed a day of school and felt like intrernal death for three days. :C so this was me taking my anger out at the terrible stuff. it's just scary knowing how sick it makes me and knowing that it's in EVERYTHING! it's getting easier for me to find ways not to eat it. and i don't feel hated anymore when i can't eat what everybody else is eating. but i am scared for all the times i slip and don't know, then i pay for it big time.

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