Thursday, January 20, 2011

this painting was my inspiration and is waterfront by nancy grisanti clark
the ship was the vessel of color. every hue, tone and shade held in it. but color had to escape. trapping the untrappable has consequences. something had to push or pull,then

a confusion and fusion of color and difference bust at every line. blue hues flowing, oranges and golds dripping, baiges and violets billowing. the godly ship sank but with very little sublimity. the mighty vessel put up a grand last fight. one to be remembered for ages to come. it didn't girggle softly into the sea, nor did it flame up into the heavens but smeared, splattered and speckled across both grand blues. it had been perhaps the most mighty amount ships. one that all others would pale in comparison to. but like everything on this wet and spacious sphere it would have to come to an end. that end was now. it wasn't a sweet end like the last word in a fairy tale book nor was it a lonely end like a silent forgotten death. it was a mighty end, like a sonic boom of color. the waves joined in the excitement and together they created a scene never replicated prior or since. passion and fury, love and frenzy fizzed. then it slowed and eventually stopped. the rhythmic waves tugged scraps and fragments to six of the seven seas. and the glory was never forgotten it is seen in every sunset, every blushing bay. you can see her royal sails in the sun at noon day. the legacy lingered on but the temporal could not remain.

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