Monday, February 14, 2011

last chance

i've been waiting watching every move you make
studying your face like there is going to be a test on it
watching your lips, your eyes, your hands
until i can read you like a childrens book
but the story never reads the way i want it to
i waited really waited for you to want me
i sat in the ran, planned the halls i walk down
and even dropped hints
not tiny hints like pebbles in a puddle
more like atomic bomb hints
that should be impossible for you to not see
but you either didn't see or ignored all the facts
i waited for you to wake up and realize that you needed me
we could be like fresh rain or a summer sun set
I've measured, your hand would fits perfectly in mine
but you just won't test it out
i've read up on it your lips on mine would be magic
but never-mind, we will never know will we?
i feel like I've been standing holding out my hand and heart to you
but my arms are growing numb and my heart is getting cold\
it's been open to you for too long.
so here is my heart take it or leave it
don't mess with it, don't flirt with it then drop it
either take it or leave it alone
but whatever you do it now
i'm so almost over you
and about to say sorry pal this ship has sailed

1 comment:

  1. Don't waste your beautiful heart on a dork. There is someone God created just for a heart like yours. Be patient. And have fun while you are at it!