Tuesday, September 14, 2010

world war two books

so i was telling my friends that i read so many world war two books. they thought that was weird but it's so true. not all the books are even close to the same in fact i think wwII has the most variety of stories. it is a very sad point in world history but i think amist the trials that is where good heroes and stories are born so here are at least some of the wwII books i have read.

we were not alone- an lds family living in Germany
the impossible journey- two Russian children
number the stars- a hiding Jewish girl
the devils arithmetic - concentration camp
the hiding place- concentration camp
night - concentration camp
the diary of Anne frank- Jewish girl in hiding
after the train- Jewish boy in Germany after the war
for freedom- a teenage french spy
willow run- young girl in America with brother as solider
Lilly's crossing - young girl in America father fighting in war
climbing the stairs- girl in India during the war
and these are just the ones i remember off the top of my head. ww2 was such a sad time. and so many of these books show us that we can be positive even in the worst situations. they can take away everything except our attitudes. so be positive

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