Thursday, September 2, 2010

The lourve

from within these ancient halls
words echo from the dead
but not of ghost and spirits
but emotion locked in time

we see Davinci's love
we gimps van gouges mind
we see the strange world Picasso saw
and the angel Michelangelo set free from stone

in this ancient building
within theses hollowed halls
time stands still for us waiting
windows to look out far
far enough to see the world
a way to feel and understand
a way to ask

what made the farmers life so dull
what made time melt away
why is the man screaming
what is the lion sceaming
did Mona Lisa smile?
did the ponderer make up his mind
and what of this squiggly line

what makes something worth the time?
to see the world and paint it
and let it in your soul
we come to see it all
within these ancient halls

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