Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am from ( a poem for english)

i am from old books
from rusty keys forgotten in the drawer
i am from black and white photographs
sepia tones turning into the past
i am fancy old hats with lace and frills
I am from cameo pins and fancy rings
and other lovely forgotten things
i am from the past i have never seen

i am from Haiti
from hungry nights and sweaty days
i am from first meetings and overwhelming hugs
from tear stained pillows and laughing summer days
i am from Creole and English
or the combination of the two
i am from adoption,Patience and love

i am from words
letters making beautiful resilient tones
i am from stories both on the page
and in my mind
i am from writing
letting the story bloom
and develop gently in my hands
i am from late nights eyes glued to the page
stuck in an entrancing story

i am from imagination
from the impossible
to imagination is more important than knowledge
i am creativity
from daydreams and once upon a times
to happily ever afters

i am from love
warm hugs and happy smiles
i am from feeling good and doing right
i am from family, hope, faith

i am from old books
form Haiti and words
i am from imagination and love

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