Tuesday, September 21, 2010

whant to know who i am?read what i have read

today i really heard a girl say
' I don't waist my time reading i have way better things to do'
then she picked up her i phone and spent the next twenty minuets texting
it made me laugh at how incredibly stupid she seemed.
yea because reading is such a waist of time and
I have never learned anything by reading! (NOT)
No seriously I think I have learned way more from the books I read
than I ever have or will learn in school.
That may be exaggerating things, but only a bit
Almost all history I know I didn't learn in school
I had already learned it by reading.
or perhaps because stories teach better than facts.
besides that, i learn how to feel by reading.
as a young girl i learned a true love of books from Ella Enchanted
I learned about war from Number the Stars and lilies crossing
I learned how to love, cry and do the right thing even when it hurts from Baby
I learned to look at life in the right perspective in Walk Two Moons
I learned to love the sea in the wanderer
I learned that being yourself is the best thing you can be in Just Ella
I learned a love of art in Chasing Vermeer
the list truly could and does go on and on........
even simple childish books teach you a lot
I would be a whole different person if I thought reading was a waist of time
I know I wouldn't know half the things I do
plus I wouldn't be as happy
so read your little hearts out
I know I do :)

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