Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scraping the Sky

It took me years, time of painful growing
but slowly, like a seed emerging I’ve learned
You are not essential to my growth
I don’t need you standing over me
watering me daily and singing me songs
I don’t need you to tell me i’m sweet
or that i’m lovely
I like it when your near
But I can blossom on my own
You want me to need you
wanted me to be there step by step
following the same path
going the same direction
but darling I take the path less traveled by
Your cottage in the woods was too quaint for me
I have the whole world left to see
and your tiny dreams would never be enough
Your goals are like two story houses
built nicely and easily in rows
I dream in a Burj Khalifa kind of way
scraping the sky for all it is worth

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