Sunday, July 1, 2012

let in the sun

what am i supposed to do?
watch you throw away your beauty?
watch your divinity slowly crumble from your face?
Like a statue of cracking marble?

I want to reach to you
pull you in
tell you it's all okay, you are enough
You don't need all that
You don't need to distract us
You don't need to put on this mask

I know what your heart looks like
I saw it, when your guard was down
and you didn't realize I was looking
Let me tell you, it's full of so much good

You spend all your time
making sure nobody sees
the "weeds" in you life
the hurts and the pains
the unsightly scars
You hack at those weeds
 so fiercely
that you tear apart the soil
and no flowers can grow

Let the rain in your life
fine peace where you know it can be found
Don't drown yourself in fertilizer
but forget to let in the sun

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