Monday, July 16, 2012

Feeling LOVED

Life never stays the same
It's like as soon as you get used to the way things are, they change.
I used to resent that. I wanted to have things stay the same. But I'm learning that it's beautiful this way. Life is a constant surprise and although it's scary to keep going, to let things change, it's even scarier not to. I think of all the beautiful things that keep coming into my life because life keeps moving forward.  My semester is about to end and I am going home for five months. It's sad because I love it here! There are so many people I love, so many places and things. But thinking about it, I was sad to come here because there were so many people and places I had to leave. I get to go back to those people and places. My life is a never ending round of more and more people to love. I sometimes find it sad that I won't always be as close with certain people as I am now. Life happens and you just can't stay super connected to everybody. But you go forward with your life, with love in your heart. You meet new and more and more people to love. More people to be friends with, more people to make you a better person.
Thinking back to January when I moved up to school, I was terrified. I didn't know anybody here, I was scared and alone. Seven months later, I'm heading home with a long list of people I love and will miss. People I feel like I've know for a lifetime, people I will love for a lifetime.
The most beautiful thing is that isn't going to stop. I will keep finding people to love, that change me, that make my life beautiful! Because the longer I live the more I'm learning that the world is full of wonderful people! I am lucky enough to know a lot of them, and i'm excited to get to know even more of them! I am extremely blessed!!!

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