Thursday, December 30, 2010

starry starry night

the whole glowing orb of luna shown
moonlight falling like the soft and unspoken
the gaudy stars as bright as my soul felt
the wind's curly locks gave way threw the hills
to kiss and cradle the stars
in soft hugs of air
and yet it stood thrusting upward in the dark in the night
to tarnish my angelic view of the light
and laying in my bed
observing the heavenly splendor
i beheld the dark shadow of a tree take a breath
a deep sighing breath and yearn for the stars, for the above
the wind was free to fly but trees have roots
and try as they might can't stretch up
kissing and cradling the kingdom of the sky
what would the tree give for such liberties
surly every leaf it held
and naively the wind gust upwards
not knowing what it had was to be envied so
each viewing the other with glory and significance
perhaps the stars and moon the most nieve of all
and i beheld them all
eyes open wide, all tucked into my bed

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