Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 The good, the bad ,the ugly and the happy

wow this has been quiet the year.
it's brought a lot of good
and a Lot of bad.

I meet Mia for the first time
I have prayed harder than i ever have
my prayers have been answered
I had a fully heart
I had a sad and angry heart
I had a overjoyed heart
I learned how it feels to have a broken heart
I learned i am stronger than i thought
I learned i can do anything
I learned how amazing my parents really are
I learned how much heavenly father loves me and my family
I have seen true and real miracles
I have seen true tragedy,sorrow and pain
I have made wishes
I have grown
I have cried
I have laughed
I understand more
sometimes I wish I didn't
I have been annoyed
I switched bedrooms
I went to too many funerals
I fell in love with art
I became a senior
I became gluten free
I got my first pair of skinny jeans
I became the oldest child at home
I became happier
I was with my whole family for the first time
I learned what a difference i can make
I grew up a lot
I have made friends
I have changed my mind
I have conquered challenges
and i am ready for 2011!

so out with the old in with the new
I won't say i loved 2010 but i love who I have become because of 2010!

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