Monday, January 16, 2012

becoming Jane

i have of recent been given the name Jane.
jane may at first come off rather plaine or simple but it holds a great weight. Jane is not the name of To be named jame you must be a lady, somthing i strive for in all of my doings. Being a lady can have misconceptions but it is always a lovely thing to be.
1. A lady dosn't do things that would be unsightly or unappealing, not saying a lady dosn't have fun or let loose, but she maintains her dignity and class. she would never say things or do things that are imoral or undestingished.
2. A lady is lovely. Outwardly one may hope, but inwardly always. Ladies not only abstain from unbecoming thoughts, they strive most earnistly to fill them with culture and wonderouly uplifting things.
3. most importantly ladies change the world. Not in ways you would always expect but the most certainly do! they make it a brighter, happier, cleaner, smarter, and lovlier place to be.

so call me lady jane it's my new covert opperation if you will. To be lady jane and make the world a brighter place.

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