Sunday, April 24, 2011

most of you know all this but i have been asked a few questions by a few of you

sorry I didn't have a picture of everyone in my family together so you get two
this is taci and mia's adoption in a nutshell
Taci and mia are adopted from Haiti,
We started adopting when i was in sixth grad,(long long long time later) we were matched with taci said TA-see when she was a newborn, she was pretty much the cutest baby in the whole world, i feel really jipped i didn't get to meet her until she was two and a half. She came home the summer before i started high school, she is now five. she didn't' speak any English when she came home to us... now she doesn't speak any creole- i speak it better than she does!
We were matched with Mia when she was three? and pretty much Murphy law of anything that can go wrong did go wrong applies to her. AND i mean EVERYTHING finally February 1st 2010 i got to meet the 8 year old mia for the first time! She didn't speak any English,I don't think she had every slept in a bed, but she was my sister 100% She came home two days before my brother left on his mission- yes pretty much one day of being a complete family. If people come with luggage Mia has an entire airport full of it. 8 years in Haiti really takes it's toll on you. now we are about the process of healing a broken heart. Those two little girls have forever changed who i am, how i think, the way i pray, the way i cry, the pain i feel, the amount of love i can feel and how hard i can laugh. They are my sisters, my best friends and my answered prayers

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