Wednesday, March 9, 2011

death ( writing without limits)

it was the ipod that wouldn't play for the day,dead. i was left alone music less. to hear or not to hear that is the question. it's all around us but do we need to find it? the spring tulips and the garden corn were both death. my heart must have a million lives because it died the day of the earthquake. it died the day of the avalanche the Easter avalanche. my heart died the cold lonely Sunday we didn't get the call and CSI had to come. it died September 11th, April 4th, January 12th and November 19th. but I'm still here, my heart still beats. but there's have stopped. Hearts too big to beat forever. sometimes I hate myself for moving on, for getting butterflies and laughing. when there cold and done. but someday I won't move on because it will be me. And we will all laugh at death together. All of us, we worried about it our whole lives and then when it's over it won't be such a big deal, or so hard, not even final. because he died doing what he loved
because she died with a smile
and he died with a carrot in his little hands
and I want to die with you

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  1. This has so much passion, all packaged into one paragraph. Thanks for giving me chills.